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Yuddam movie poster
Yuddam movie poster
Yuddam movie poster


Movie Name: Yuddham
Date of release: 14/03/2014
Category: Romantic comedy, Action
Director: Bharathi Ganesh
Producer: Natti kumar
Music Director: Chakri
Actors: Tarun Kumar, Yami Gautam, Sri Hari, Chandra Mohan.
Story: Rishi [Tarun] is student leader with daring attitude and he posses lot of respect for his family. Madhumita [Yami Gautam] is loving sister of Shankar Anna [Sri Hari] and she is junior of Rishi in college. Before Rishi and Madhumita express their love for each-other, couple of twits fall into place disturbing life's of them. What happened in the love journey of Rishi and Madhumita has to be seen in silver screen.
Movie Rating: 2
photography: Jaswanth









Total Score
2/ 5

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Tarun, Sri Hari


Entire technical team excluding editor, Yami Gautam, Screenplay, unwanted comedy scenes, missing chemistry between lead pairs, predictable scenes

In one line about the movie

Love journey of Rishi [Tarun] and Madhumita [Yami Gautam]

Posted March 5, 2014 by

Story ,Review, Rating And Analysis

Director did not pick an interesting plot and it looked more of a routine traditional Telugu movie subject with couple of not so interesting twits.


1. Director Bharhti Ganesh could not pull out the story line which he chose with couple of twists. His screenplay will makes you fall asleep and most of the scenes are predictable. Even the dialogues inked by Bharthi Ganesh lacks grabbing attention.
2. Chakri music did not sound about his mark. You wont hum any songs while leaving cinema hall, but background music was kind of ok.
3. Cinematography by Jaswanth looked formal.
4. Editing by Gowtham Raj was decent.
5. Production values are mediocre.


1. Tarun is back with a bang as Rishi in this movie. He makes you get back to memory lane of his hit films with his performance. He is biggest plus point to this movie.
2. To be frank Yami Gautam lost a golden opportunity to shine with good character gave to her in this film. She looked beautiful but failed to impress at key scenes where she can prove her mettle.
3. Sri Hari has done Shankar Anaa kind of roles before and here also he shined as always. He makes his presence left on big screen.
4. Venu Madhu, Krishna Bhagvan , Chandra Mohan and many senior actors are not utilized properly by the director.

Whole Rating:2/5

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